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Advanced Systemcare is a product of IObit – a company providing software to computer users. Advanced Systemcare maybe not popular as its peers Avira, AVG, or BitDefender,…However, with several advanced and unique features, it still keeps its loyal customers pleased. Let’s take a look at Advanced Systemcare and its Advanced Systemcare 13 Pro – one of the version getting the most support from customers.

An overview of Advanced Systemcare Ultimate 13

Let’s take a look at what advanced system ultimate 13 can offer to you

A powerful tool to protect your PC

Protect your PC with Advanced Systemcare ultimate 13. Source: Softonic

Never ever before that our information and data hold a great position like what are doing today. This is why protecting your PC becomes one of the hottest and most serious issues for computer users. Advanced Systemcare is such an ideal issue to handle the problem of increasingly complicated PC security threats. 

With one-click approaches, Advanced Systemcare Ultimate 13 is able to protect your PC by blocking viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware and other malicious infections from getting access to your PC. Advanced Systemcare Ultimate 13, with its latest Bitdefender engine, doubled the protection ability, meaning that your PC will be more adequately and effectively protected from dangerous infections.

Your personal data will be better protected

Advanced Systemcare Ultimate 13 also pleased its customers with extra personal security. As you might know, privacy and personal data leaks are very popular these days. Add to that, hackers are much more intelligent than ever before. These two factors put your data, especially the personal one, at the risk of being revealed to the world. With Advanced Systemcare ultimate 13 installed in your PC, all untrusted programs accessing will be scanned and blocked automatically. Your data such as important files, photos, contacts and digital fingerprints,…will be better protected with Advanced Systemcare ultimate. 

Safe internet browsing

Whenever you need information about anything, the internet, with no doubt, is the first one you think of. It is easy to get a piece of information on the internet and accessing this search engine is always available, as long as you have a PC or a smartphone connected to the internet. However, have you ever thought of the possible harms to your computer and your personal information when you surf the internet? Unsafe websites and links can cause big losses. Get Advanced Systemcare ultimate 13 installed in your computer and it can help to detect and block malicious websites and popup ads. Untrusted senders and links in the email are also informed. Therefore, your online traces are clear, providing better experience surfing the internet.

Clean and fast PC

Advanced Systemcare Ultimate 13 not only can protect your PC and computer from possible threats but also can optimize the computer’s operation. It is a truly comprehensive system optimizer. The software will clean up all junk files that cause your PC to slow, including temporary files, caches in Dropbox, Steam, Chrome, Firefox,…Add to that, your boot time and internet speed will be accelerated with Startup Optimization and Internet Booster features.

What about the free version of Advanced Systemcare 13 pro?

Clean junk stuff and speed up your PC. Source: PC win21

Advanced Systemcare 13 pro is considered a perfect tool to clean junk stuff and speed up your PC. Over time, there are many junk files on your PC without you even knowing. The problem with registry, privacy and shortcuts are also common and Advanced Systemcare pro 13 will tell you how to deal with such issues. You can track different issues with your computer and fix them with no difficulty so to optimize your device to have higher speed and performance. 

Speed up your computer’s performance

With Advanced Systemcare 13 pro, you can get the maximum boost in system speed. Especially, the Advanced Systemcare 13 pro has four different sections that you can choose to turn on or off, including Turbo Boost, Hardware Accelerate, Deep Optimization, And Toolbar/App Cleaner. 

  • Turbo boost: help you to stop unnecessary services to release RAM. Turn it on for regular monitoring of these services and you can configure all actions.
  • Hardware accelerate: update your device drivers. This module uses IObit Driver Booster (you can use this feature in a limited time only, if you want more, buying the version separately is required)
  • Deep optimization: like what it is named, deep optimization goes in-depth into applications and services. For the best operating speed, you can customize it.
  • Toolbar / App cleaner: this feature aims at removing malicious and harmful toolbars from your Web Browsers. This feature, like the “Hardware accelerator” is not provided for free.

Protect your PC from possible threats

Working towards device and data protection, advanced system care 13 pro owns many cool features. The “FaceID” feature provides advanced protection to your device with Facial Recognition technology. Look onto the PC screen to log into this feature and you can exclude certain periods and users. besides, this feature also warns you when there is any strange trying to log into your account. The “Real-time Protection” features offer extra protection from malware while the “Privacy Shield” can implement restrictions on unauthorized access to your private data by apps and services.

Receive warns about malicious links on emails. Source: iSenpai

Besides, the “Protect” section also has Home Page Protection, Browser Anti-tracking and Surfing Protection and Ad Removal. In the Surfing protection sub-section, you can see the Email Protection feature. It is a new one offering to customers. allowing them to protect your emails from possible harm. Enable the IObit browser extension for the Surfing protection to work.

Care section

Turn on the Care section and Advanced Systemcare Pro 13 can find out all issues in a single scan. In the main interface, you can choose the modules to scan. You can choose one or more and even pick them all before clicking into the Scan button. The software will scan all the sections you have picked. The available options provided by Advanced Systemcare 13 pro include startup optimization, privacy sweep, junk files cleaner, shortcut fix, registry clean, spyware removal, internet boost, system optimization, registry defrag, security reinforce, disk optimization and vulnerability fix.

Normally, you will get a report of the issue in a few minutes, however, it also depends on the errors your PC has. The scanning process does not affect other running apps. There will be no interruption caused by scanning and you can choose to scan some particular areas instead of making a complete scan. 

Advanced Systemcare is no doubt a great software to protect your PC from potential risks while speeding its performance. If you are seeking ways to enhance better PC experience, Advanced Systemcare is what you should head for.

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