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Bluestacks emulator software allows you to run phone applications on Windows and Mac computers. BlueStacks was launched in 2011. BlueStacks is a popular Android emulator. It has the most users today. If you are looking for a powerful Android emulator for you, BlueStacks is a software you can’t ignore. At the present, there are more than 85 million people around the world use this software

Things you need to know about BlueStacks

Bluestacks Download
Bluestacks Download

The outstanding advantage of BlueStacks is that it has powerful features, applying Layercake technology for maximum user support. The fact os the matter is that Bluestacks is loved by many gamers around the world. Up to now, Bluestack has released 3 versions. In particular, in the 3rd version, Bluestacks’ Live Stream feature has been greatly improved, making it easier for the gamer to live stream.

Bluestacks is a game emulator application software. It allows you to run Android apps on your computer for free. It has a lot of powerful features to support gamers maximum in playing Android games on a computer screen. In addition, Bluestacks is also the only software to receive investment and interest from Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm, and AMD. Bluestacks supports both Windows and Mac OS operating systems.

Bluestacks was released in 2011 with the premier mission of breaking all the limits of gaming. At the present, the number of people who use Bluestakcs has surpassed 85 million people – an amazing number. Bluestacks’ advanced “Layercake” technology makes playing heavy graphics games smooth on your computer. Indeed, thanks to using Bluestacks, playing your Android game on your computer will no longer have to face any difficulties.

Outstanding features of bluestacks

Bluestacks 2020
Bluestacks 2020

Bluestacks is the world’s first Android emulator software. It has its own features that no software can replace.

Experience sharp graphics

With 6 years of research and development, Bluestacks gives users the experience of any Android application on a computer’s Full HD screen.

Perfect game platform 

Bluestacks is the No. 1 browser in the world. It demonstrates excellent processing capabilities along with outstanding features. At the same time, it ensures that it will give users a smooth and best experience for gamers.

Multitasking feature

The multitasking feature of Bluestacks allows users to use multiple gaming accounts at the same time as well as many applications at the same time instead of using only individual applications such as on phones or other emulators.

Superior compatibility

Bluestacks 3 is integrated with a secondary Engine that automatically adjusts the configuration of the game compatible with your computer’s configuration. This will help your game get the most optimal configuration for gaming, using Bluestacks 3 application to be smooth and without lag. This has never been done by the other emulator.


You won’t need to spend time aligning the resolution and game size to match your computer. This is now fully automated with Bluestacks. You just open the game and focus on your favorite game experience.

App center 

The App Center is always updated with the latest games and applications. It always suggests to users the most popular, most user-friendly applications. You will see all the information, images, introduction to the game you choose.


The fact of the matter is that BlueStacks cooperates with leading game developers to provide unique Gift code on BlueStacks that you cannot find in any other application. At the Gift Center, you will be able to find a lot of gifts for almost every game on the App Center.

Chat system

It is true to say that the chat system in Bluestacks is very useful for exchanging information between players when they play a game or they want to exchange games with each other.

Better Live Stream

Bluestacks 3 has greatly improved the Live Stream feature compared to the previous version. With just a simple click, you can easily live stream games on Twitch, Facebook, etc.

Instructions for installing BlueStacks 4

BlueStacks 4 is the latest version of BlueStacks. This version is also highly appreciated and added many new features. The launch with these great assets is the affirmation of the number one position in the Android emulator market of BlueStacks.

Step 1: If your computer has not been installed BlueStacks 3, you can access the address “” to install BlueStacks 3 on your computer.


Step 2: After the download is successful, you need to find the location for the file that was downloaded. Wait when the process is complete, open the folder containing the file and then double-click it to start the installation. 

Install Bluestacks
Install Bluestacks

Select “Run” in the first interface

Step 4: Click “Update now” to proceed to install BlueStacks 4 for your computer.

Bluestacks 4
Bluestacks 4

The installation process will be completely done automatically. Of course, it depends on the speed and stability of the Internet you are using, the completion time will vary.

Instructions to update BlueStacks with the latest version

Each time the software is started, BlueStacks will automatically display a notice board when there is a new update.

You can click on “View detailed changelog” to see details about the update.

Click the “Download update” button to download the update.

You can press “Hide progress” to update the update to the underground download, while you can play the game.

After downloading, you can choose to install immediately or install when you open the program next time (because during the installation you will not be able to continue playing the game).

The process of updating the new version has been completed

Download Bluestacks: