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Founded in 2015 by Brendan Eich and Brian Bondy, the Brave browser has experienced its mass usage and support by users. Brave is based on Chromium and is aimed to address a significant problem with modern internet of intrusive advertising. However, do you think it is worth switching to Brave?

When it comes to internet surfing, we often consider speed and security as the most important factors. Sadly, most big browsers do not offer them. However, we still use them and the reason is that we are not aware of a better alternative. The Brave browser owns everything we expect in a good browser. It is such an ideal alternative you can head for to enjoy advanced features not seen in other browsers.

Block ads automatically

Brave Browser provides excellent features. Source: Brave Browser
Brave Browser provides excellent features. Source: Brave Browser

When it comes to download speed and privacy protection, the Brave browser is better than most of its competitors. The major feature that will make you love this browser is that it blocks ads automatically. There will be no ads popping out when you are searching for something and no waiting time when you are watching videos on Youtube, for instance. 

The ads block feature is often considered a threat to content creators; however, with Brave browser’s unique approach, users can support content creators even more. Through the Brave Ads network and users’ donations, rewards will be given to content creators. Publishers have to register with the network before they qualify for revenue. Then, they will earn 55% of the replaced ad revenue.

Besides, users can support Brave browser through Basic Attention Tokens cryptocurrency. You can donate a particular amount to your favourite sites. Monthly money support can be distributed automatically to mass-use websites.

Privacy and security

Not only ad-free feature, but privacy and security offered by Brave browser are also great that you should focus on. Built on privacy basis, Brave is much safer than other browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. Besides ads, the browser also blocks trackers and blocking scripts. The professional security team is working hard to protect your PC, laptop and mobile devices from malware and malicious software.

The Brave browser also allows users to open a private window using The Onion Router (TOR); thus, its security is strengthened. To simply explain, your online browsing history will be hidden from your internet provider and your IP address will be hidden from the websites you visit. As described in Brave’s terms of service, your personal and sensitive information is not collected, stored and sold to any third party.

The Brave browser does not access to identifiable user data; thus, you do not need to worry about the situation of data being traced back to your device. For mobile devices, you can turn on fingerprinting feature in Settings, preventing any third party from tracking your internet activities.

It is faster than most of its competitors

If you experience surfing the internet with Brave browser, you will find that it is more speedy than many browsers. This is thanks to the ad-blocking feature because less content to download will allow zipping around much faster. You should note that it is true for page loading speeds, not for image and video rendering.

Browser extensions

As we have mentioned above, the Brave browser is built based on the Chromium platform. Therefore, you can expect to use most of the Chrome extensions on the Brave browser. In fact, almost all of the Chrome extensions can be added to Brave browser through Chrome Web Store.

Dark mode

Interest users are showing their interest in Dark Mode. Noticing this fact, Brave browser is not out of this trend. You can go to Settings to enable this dark mode to protect your eyes when surfing the internet.

For all the advanced features Brave browser provides to users, it should receive more attention and support. However, it has always been hard to persuade internet users to switch using a different browser. Experience it and you will find out whether this browser worth it.

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