PhotoScape is a software that fully meets the basic image editing features to advanced, from editing, viewing photos, cropping, resizing, creating animations … so you get the photos you want. PhotoScape offers many unique photo filters, supports customizing image parameters,… Continue Reading



CCleaner, developed by Piriform, is a computer utility program used to clean/Ph.GooglePlay

CCleaner is a popular computer garbage collector on Windows PC. Junk on your computer can be cookies, caches, Registry keys left behind by uninstalled software, unused applications, temporary files, files that remain after software removal. CCleaner has enough functionality to… Continue Reading



You may not know uTorrent, a fast and secure P2P file sharing application that allows you to upload and download files in a safe, high-speed environment. The uTorrent application brings many benefits to users such as optimizing bandwidth activity and… Continue Reading