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CCleaner is a popular computer garbage collector on Windows PC. Junk on your computer can be cookies, caches, Registry keys left behind by uninstalled software, unused applications, temporary files, files that remain after software removal. CCleaner has enough functionality to clean such computer junk. CCleaner helps clean the drive to free up storage space of memory. Besides, there are some other advanced options you may not know. This article will introduce what you need to know about CCleaner!

What is CCleaner?

CCleaner is an effective small utility for computers running Microsoft Windows and helps clean up accumulated ‘junk’ over time: temporary files, corrupted shortcuts and other problems.

CCleaner, developed by Piriform, is a computer utility program used to clean/Ph.GooglePlay
CCleaner, developed by Piriform, is a computer utility program used to clean/Ph.GooglePlay

CCleaner, developed by Piriform, is a computer utility program used to clean unwanted junk files (including temporary Internet files, where malicious programs and codes tend to resident) and invalid Windows Registry entries from the computer, initially supporting Microsoft Windows only. CCleaner is one of the oldest system cleanup tools, first released in 2004.It was originally developed only for Microsoft Windows, but in 2012, a version for macOS was released.  

CCleaner protects your privacy. It clears your browsing history and Internet files, allowing you to become a safer user and less likely to have your identity stolen.

CCleaner can’t clean unnecessary files from various programs to help you save hard drive space, delete unnecessary entries in the Windows Registry, uninstall software and choose programs to start with Windows.

CCleaner has 47 different languages, including Vietnamese. Piriform claims that CCleaner has been downloaded more than 700 million times from the company’s homepage as of July 2011.

The software with the Install and Portable (no installation) versions are available.

After great success on Windows and Mac platforms, CCleaner version for Android has officially released.  With over 50 million downloads and installs on Google Play, the application has proven its tremendous appeal to users.

Features of CCleaner

More powerful tool than Disk Cleanup

Windows also has a built-in Disk Cleanup tool to free up memory on your hard drive by deleting unused files, temporary files created by programs, Internet temporary files for Internet Explorer, reporting bugs  Windows…

However, Disk Cleanup still has limitations compared to CCleaner. For example, Disk Cleanup can delete Internet Explorer cache files but it does not touch the cache of other browsers like Chrome and Firefox. It also does not delete redundant directories created by the installer when you update the NVIDIA graphics driver, which may take up hundreds of megabytes.

Meanwhile CCleaner can delete things that Disk Cleanup cannot do. CCleaner works like Disk Cleanup but is expanded to include other data on Windows and third-party programs that Disk Cleanup does not touch.

You just need to select the data you want to delete, click the Analyze button, go through the data that CCleaner will delete. Then, click the Run Cleaner button to actually delete the selected files. CCleaner will remember your choices, so the next time you open the app and select the Run Cleaner button.

Lets delete even the private data

In addition to deleting junk files to free up memory, CCleaner can also delete personal data. For example, CCleaner will delete your browsing history, cookies, and cache files on any browser that you have installed on your computer such as IE, Firefox, Chrome and even Opera.

CCleaner can also delete personal data/Ph.Opasrilanka
CCleaner can also delete personal data/Ph.Opasrilanka

In addition, it can also delete cookie data stored by Flash Player. CCleaner even wipes out other private data such as a list of recently opened files in Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader, Windows Media Player, VLC media player and other popular applications on Windows.

All of the above is reasonably customizable because CCleaner is set by default to erase the data above.

Why does running CCleaner often slow down the browsing speed?

You can use CCleaner on a regular, daily basis with the default settings. However, this action can slow down your computer, because CCleaner is set by default to clear the browser cache files on your computer. Meanwhile, these cache files store website data including images, scripts, stylesheets, HTML files, etc… that your browser is saving.

CCleaner can help speed up computer

There are many self-advertising software that can speed up your computer quickly but actually they do not work as advertised and even contain malicious code, viruses. Therefore you should not spend money to buy these software if you have not studied it thoroughly.

In the process of deleting temporary files, Windows’ CCleaner or Disk Cleanup can also speed up your computer a bit. This is something many geeks have confirmed after they clean up useless junk files, and even Microsoft says these old temporary files and cache files can slow down the computer.

Both HDD and SSD drive operate slowly when storage is full. Some programs have difficulty storing and running slowly when there are many temporary files. Antivirus software will also take time to scan temporary files, causing your computer to run slower, and the Windows operating system itself may have problems if you have to process too many files. So when CCleaner deletes temporary files and junk files, it basically helps to speed up the processing of the computer.

Additional features CCleaner

CCleaner includes other features that you may find useful.

CCleaner to uninstall or repair programs on your computer
CCleaner to uninstall or repair programs on your computer

For example, you can use CCleaner to uninstall or repair programs on your computer and manage programs that run on system startup.

Its File Finder feature searches for duplicate files, and the System Restore tool displays all the restore points that Windows has placed on the computer, allowing you to delete older restore points if desired.

You can even use its Drive Wiper tool if you want to safely delete free space or a full drive.

CCleaner is one of the very useful junk applications today. Above is the useful information that you can use and effectively exploit the cleaning feature of CCleaner software. You should learn and use this software on your computer to know its effectiveness offline!

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