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If you are having driver issues that are too old to make your computer perform poorly or do not know how to install it? Driver Easy is a gift for you. With just a few simple clicks, you can install or update all drivers on the computer.

What is Driver Easy?

When the computer fails, or the operating system you use is too old and makes it run slowly, it is necessary to do it here to reinstall your computer with the new operating system. 

But once the window is installed, what is really necessary next and also a problem for many users is the driver of the user’s computer. Finding and installing the Drivers for the wrong devices when reinstalling Windows is relatively complicated and time-consuming. If this is the case, you will need Driver Easy.

Driver Easy software supports updating missing drivers for users’ computers. It can be seen that there are many software, programs that support downloading and installing drivers automatically for the computer, each software has Pros and cons. Driver Easy is also one of those software, with the speed to find and update drivers for users’ computers, Driver Easy is always a good choice for users.

Driver Easy is the software that automatically updates the latest and fastest drivers on Windows operating systems with just one click. It provides users with the simplest solution to automatically find and update all drivers for your computer in just a few minutes.

When using the computer for a long time and outdated drivers can cause a series of problems for your computer from the non-smooth working hardware that causes the computer to hang. And you need a driver like Driver Easy is the best choice.

Driver Easy is one of the most effective software to automatically identify, update, and fix driver errors. Download Driver Easy to your computer so users can download and update drivers quickly and easily. Driver Easy software provides users with the latest drivers by scanning the system and comparing them with other drivers in the database with the drivers on your computer and then updating the old drivers and installing them missing.

Driver Easy has two version, free version and professional version. The free driver version can easily scan for all new and missing driver updates, download and install those software. Hidden scanning is a feature in Driver Easy, which allows you to locate computer network drivers quickly and easily without internet access.

And for the professional version, everything is enhanced, just one click download at high speed and the software will install automatically, along with driver backup and will automatically restore.

The most impressive thing in the pro version is that the easy driver uninstall tool in the driver allows you to uninstall individual drivers you don’t need to keep your computer clean and free up space. to be able to use more new programs. 

Driver Easy is the software that automatically updates the latest and fastest drivers on Windows
Driver Easy is the software that automatically updates the latest and fastest drivers on Windows

The professional version has a beautiful interface and quick system analysis capabilities to help users use the software more easily and effectively. The hidden scan is safe and saves you a lot of time and without any hassle in finding network drivers for computers without internet.

Driver Easy features

  • Driver Easy scans and quickly detects driver errors

Driver Easy scans your system quickly to find and identify all missing or outdated drivers, and then let you download them directly from the software’s interface. The whole process will not take more than a few minutes. The developers claim that there are more than 3,000,000 drivers in the database, so if there is any missing, outdated, or damaged part of your computer, Driver Easy will find and fix those. driver.

  • Uninstall unused applications
  • Automatically download and install the missing drivers

Update current Driver. Download Driver Easy to your computer to have a huge data driver base that will help users avoid outdated drivers. Large driver database with daily updates will help keep all drivers in the user’s computer with the latest version.

  • Easy to use.

To use Driver Easy, users just need to click the green “Scan Now”, in the middle of the window and the software will automatically search and identify errors in the driver of the computer. 

Driver Easy will then display a list of all the drivers required for the configuration, both your hardware and software, including installed elements, missing and outdated drivers. If the user wants to fix them, just click the “Get Drivers” button and DriverEasy will display a list with direct download links for each driver.

  • Helping computers operate more efficiently. 

Use Driver Easy to keep all programs running smoothly and let your computer run at higher performance.

  • Backup and restore Driver

Drivers Backup and Restore is an easy and effective solution to avoid losing drivers even when the entire system is reinstalled. Uninstalling drivers avoids conflicts with incompatible software that helps keep users’ computers clean and to make their computers more efficient. Download Windows allows you to download and install update windows more quickly.

Instructions for installing and using

Step 1: You visit Google to download DriverEasy and install DriverEasy on the computer, these are completely basic steps so we will skip. Once done, you click on the tool’s icon on the screen to get started.

Step 2: At the main interface of DriverEasy, click Scan Now to start scanning the entire computer. DriverEasy process of checking the computer will be very fast, then a list of missing drivers, need to update will be displayed for each type, item with a very detailed name for us to identify.

At the main interface of Driver Easy, click Scan Now to start scanning the entire computer
At the main interface of Driver Easy, click Scan Now to start scanning the entire computer

Step 3: It is noticeable in this list that there are two driver markers for the computer:

  • Section yellow exclamation mark (triangle): Are the drivers that the computer is missing, not available, or installed but the old version, need to update.
  • White v (circle): These drivers are stable, no need to replace or upgrade.

You can click Get Drivers to download all if missing and need to update multiple Drivers. The list of drivers to download will be reduced to a name, along with the size of the side for users to observe more, click Download All to start downloading. Also, if the number of drivers to handle is not much, you can click the Download corresponding to that driver to download individually.

Download Driver Easy: