MX Player

Sapo: MX Player has long been regarded as an excellent movie and video viewer on Android, it supports hardware acceleration so watching videos is very good. With subtitle support, a beautiful interface and a great solution to enjoy great movies, epic music videos on your device. Please join us to find out questions related to this application!

MX Player

MX Player

What features are updated in the MX Player application?

Support Android TV

Improved interface for playing music

Add A-B repeat feature

Add subtitle speed setting under sub menu

Add S / W audio (network) using Settings> Decoder

Handle mouse movements on playback screen. You can also select on the Playback screen> Menu> Display> Settings> Touch> Wheel action. (this option will not appear without a mouse).

Support HW + decoding on many devices, including the Tegra K1 platform.

Support for VobSubc subtitle format (.sub / .idx).

More than 2 screen lock modes are added via settings> player> screen lock. This feature helps to fix errors on some Xiaomi Mi3 series devices.

Add the item “Last Media” in each folder through settings> lists.

Separate the Froyo and Eclair versions for the free version.

How can I zoom images during video viewing?

With MX Player you can easily zoom in and out of the screen by dragging and swiping. You can adjust the zoom feature and drag in the options section.

I want to change the font size of subtitles or some other information related to the subtitles, what to do?

MX Player can easily handle this for you. You scroll up front or back to move to the next or previous subtitle, swipe up or down to move the subtitles up or down, zoom in and out to change the font size.

Does the app have a child lock mode?

Yes. We are already mentioned in the features section. The app allows children to be entertained without worrying about whether they can make calls or manipulate other apps. You only need to enable the request to use plug-ins in the settings.

Do I want to watch movies online with MX Player?

mx player online movies

mx player online movies

The MX Player application only supports watching movies offline with videos on the phone, not Online. You want to see what movie you should download it to your smart phone and then use the app to watch movies!

I downloaded MX Player but couldn’t watch the videos it kept running for more than 10 seconds and was played again from the beginning. What should I do?

In this case, you must first check how long the movie you download is? This may be because you have only downloaded 10 seconds and watched, so the machine can only show 10 seconds. If you check that it is not at the length of the movie, then try to install the application again.

What kind of subtitles does MX Player support?

We would like to send you a list of subtitles that MX Player supports as follows:

DVD, DVB, SSA / ASS Subtitle tracks

SubStation Alpha (.ssa / .ass) with full styling

SAMI (.smi / .sami) with ruby ​​tag support

SubRip (.srt)

MicroDVD (.sub / .txt)

SubViewer2.0 (.sub)

MPL2 (.mpl / .txt)

PowerDivX (.psb / .txt)

TMPlayer (.txt)

PJS (.pjs)

WebVTT (.vtt)

In addition to the information we just exchanged. MX Player also updates gesture controls. You can easily adjust the volume, screen zoom, brightness and speed. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send questions to us! For now, download and experience the MX player.

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