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In the work, sometimes we need to exchange documents between the parties, the sending of documents in some formats such as Word, Excel, PDF will be extremely favourable. Word and Excel are probably a lot of people already know, but with the PDF file, some seemingly many people do not understand it. In this article, let’s find out what is PDF Reader? How does it work? What are the characteristics of its use?

What is a PDF file?

The definition of “PDF”: PDF stands for “Portable Document Format”. It is the format of text files, documents of Adobe System and it is similar to Word. Pdf files support text format with lots of different fonts, diverse images, sounds, along with a lot of other text effects.

What are the advantages of PDF files?

  • The PDF file is extremely small, so sharing through the network as well as storing and moving is extremely easy. PDF files are portable, they can be opened in any device, no matter how you use them. Therefore, the recipient can view and open these files easily when having a PDF Reader.
  • PDF files also have many features that users can use, such as adding comments and bookmarks.
  • One outstanding advantage is the very high security of PDF files, it is supported by encryption and by much different software.
  • The PDF file is so convenient for users to convert to other types of text files.
  • A PDF document format will probably be displayed the same in different environments. With this advantage, a PDF file is applied for publishing books, newspapers and sharing documents online on the Internet.

And to read these PDF files on personal computers, PDF Reader software is required to support this type of format. The use of the software allows PC users to open and read PDF files simply, easily and more conveniently.

Those PDF Reader softwares have quite a lot of attractive and useful features such as:

  • High security, password set and system protection.
  • Ensure accurate reading of complex PDF documents
  • View, annotate, edit, create PDF files.
  • Create a personal signature.

There are many free PDF Reader software for PCs and you can refer to our list below. Of course, these are also the best PDF Reader software available for PCs today.

#1. Foxit Reader is the lightest PDF reader

Foxit Reader is a very familiar name for those who often work with PDF files. Foxit Reader supports the most essential tools when processing a PDF file, including:

  • Open and create PDF files.
  • Edit PDF, create a note, create a signature.
  • Set password protection and print PDF files.
  • Foxit Reader is lightweight, fast and completely free.

In later versions, the manufacturer provides many new features for Foxit Reader to meet the rich needs of users. Instead of just working with a single tab like before, then with the new version, we can display multiple PDF files at the same time, more convenient for managing and tracking documents.

In particular, it includes the feature to link to bookmarks on a PDF page in the browser, allowing users to quickly access when needed.

#2. Read PDFs with Adobe Reader:

Adobe Reader is the best PDF reader software available today, as well as good support for you when you want to add notes, print, create a password to protect.

Adobe Reader software is the popular for PC to read PDF files/
Adobe Reader software is the popular for PC to read PDF files/

Key features of Adobe Reader software are:

The software can read documents fast, fully supported when you want to zoom in, zoom out, print and search in the browser as well as adding comments, highlighting text, adding comments.

It also enables us to interact easily with audio, video, design, or PDF Portfolios.

Support users to protect software thanks to Protected Mode.

The downside of Adobe Reader is that it is too heavy compared to other software.

# 3. Nitro PDF Reader

Nitro Reader has all the basic functions typical of PDF readers such as:

  • Simple and easy to use user interface.
  • All your favourite tools are gathered at the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT), the smart framework with Pages, Bookmarks, Comments, Output, Signatures, and Attachments.
  • View and navigate features including find, zoom in / out, rotate, page / full view, open multiple PDF files at once, create PDF.
  • Support more than 300 file formats, create PDF from any file with predefined output profiles and profiles.
Nitro PDF Reader is one of the best software to read PDF files professionally
Nitro PDF Reader is one of the best software to read PDF files professionally

Using Nitro PDF Reader, you can extract images or add signatures to documents and share documents with anyone, anytime. Save files directly to Google Drive, Box, DropBox or OneDrive for simple and quick sharing.

# 4. Cool PDF Reader

As a unique product of Cool PDF Software – Cool PDF Reader has outstanding features:

  • View, print PDF files or crop PDF files.
  • Extract text and images out of PDF documents.
  • Export PDF to TXT.Support 72 different languages.
  • You can zoom in, zoom out and rotate the page screen.
  • Cool PDF Reader Software has a compact capacity.

In particular, the installation process of Cool PDF Reader is also fast, runs directly without installing too much.

#5. PDF-XChange Viewer tool

PDF-XChange Viewer Tool also has some basic features such as:

Add comments and comments on PDF (depending on security settings), bookmark pages with texts and objects, see a lot of text on documents and different tabs.

PDF-XChange Viewer is a great tool for small size
PDF-XChange Viewer is a great tool for small size
  • Read card format documents.
  • Export all files in image formats such as BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG.
  • Extract text from a PDF file page.
  • Type text directly into every PDF page using Typewriter mode.
  • Make navigation of large and complex PDF files simple and easy with the Loupe and Pan tools.
  • To make it easier to observe a certain content area, we can use the magnifying tool available right on the interface of the software.

Above are 5 software that supports reading, editing quality PDF files and use them completely free. Each tool provides users with different features, supports the work process, handles PDF files more conveniently and effectively. If you need a professional tool to read and open PDF files, do not ignore the 5 above software.

Download PDF Reader: