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PhotoScape is a software that fully meets the basic image editing features to advanced, from editing, viewing photos, cropping, resizing, creating animations … so you get the photos you want. PhotoScape offers many unique photo filters, supports customizing image parameters, cropping, zooming, zooming, converting image formats, performing photo printing with the best quality.

What is PhotoScape?

PhotoScape is a photo editing tool that is highly appreciated by experts and if you are looking for a photo editing software, it should not be ignored. PhotoScape brings the basic functions of viewing, filtering photos, adding photo effects, changing image parameters, etc. Especially, it can work with even rare image formats.

PhotoScape is one of the most popular photo editing software with PicsArt. With PhotoScape, you can edit colors, collage photos, create photo slideshows easily and completely free while PicsArt has the ability to turn your images into genuine works of art.

PhotoScape is known as a professional photo editing and photo editing tool. With the download of PhotoScape, users can transform ordinary images into a unique and stylish image of themselves with the functions of adding effects, adjusting colors, collaging photos on computers, etc.

Overall, PhotoScape provides powerful photo editing features to meet your basic photo editing needs including view, photo, crop, resize, create animations, etc. Besides, with PhotoScape you can also switch between multiple image formats, take screenshots and save them when you want to share them, enlarge photos or change image names in batch mode.

PhotoScape supports many image formats

PhotoScape allows you to convert between many different image formats, even converting RAW to JPG for you to edit easily. You can use batch conversion mode to save time when having to process multiple images.

PhotoScape gives you quick and effective photo editing solutions to meet all needs with multiple image formats. In particular, the photo functions are arranged in a circle on the intuitive and beautiful interface so you can easily choose and use. The software provides many unique photo effects to apply to the images.

PhotoScape is a free photo editing software, but the features are not inferior to other professional programs. It provides you with comprehensive image processing tools. With this application, users can view the images in the folder, change the image parameters, crop photos into sections, batch rename images, convert image formats, create beautiful photo slideshows, etc.

The latest version of PhotoScape adds image filters, adds photo effects, fixes some display problems. If you want to create photo slideshows, the program will also support you, while adding background music and photo storage as an electronic album to retain your beautiful memories.

The reason you should choose PhotoScape

PhotoScape integrates extremely effective photo organization function, showing that users can combine multiple images together to form a unique photo. Moreover, the program allows changing the parameters of images to save into different formats.

PhotoScape performs photo editing without affecting system performance as well as other tasks on your computer, while many image processing software often suffer from this drawback. In addition to selecting images from the device for editing, users can immediately shoot with the device’s camera and then use the editing features to create a new image.

Create animations, gif images from PhotoScape

The demand for creating animations is becoming more and more popular today, so photo editing software adds this function. To create gif images with PhotoScape is not too complicated to manipulate, even if you are not a technology-savvy person can still do. By creating gif images with PhotoScape, you can share these images on the internet, or upload them to online animation sites and post them on Facebook.

Read and work with most image formats

Photoscape photo editing software supports almost all popular popular image formats. This allows you to easily edit photos without any other image format converter support.

Provide many tools in photo editing

Photoscape photo editing software offers users a lot of tools to edit  images easily without the help of a third tool. In addition, users can edit multiple photos at a time in a short time and combine multiple photos into one.

Support multiple languages ​​and operating systems

Photoscape supports users with a lot of language interfaces. Specifically, this photo editing software supports most European, American and some Asian languages. When installing the software will automatically allow you to choose the language format to suit the user. During use, you can also switch languages ​​easily in the custom section. Photoshoposcape supports most versions of Microsoft Windows operating system.

Capture and save images directly

Photoscape photo editing software also allows users to take screenshots of their computers and save them in popular photo formats. This makes it easier for users to work. Then to save the image format users must use the paint tool to save the image format. With Photoscape, just turn this feature on, the software will save itself to your computer and you can edit.

In general, finding a software like PhotoScape is not easy, the famous photo editing, collage and photo creation software is now available. You can download PhotoScape to experience its useful features as well as create products from photos in the most vivid, beautiful way that not all software can do.

Fix red-eye with PhotoScape

Red-eye is one of the most common errors when photographers in the evening, in low light, to fix red-eye, you can use Photoshop or online tools, but if you have PhotoScape installed, you should use red-eye correction feature of PhotoScape.

All in all, PhotoScape is a great free photo editing tool. Download PhotoScape to experience the exciting features.

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