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PotPlayer is a tool to help users open video files, audio files, flash on the computer, it can read almost all formats. During watching movies or listening to music, users can easily edit the volume and set the image quality in the video

What is PotPlayer

PotPlayer is an application that integrates entertainment functions. It not only has the ability to play different music formats but also has a number of functions such as Burn CD, record music files, and convert between different music file formats. PotPlayer also allows you to record audio, connect the DSP plug – in to display subtitles, display sound effects when playing music.


Daum Potplayer acts as a free multimedia player, supports many different video codecs and most popular file formats. Potplayer has many codecs built-in so users don’t need to install it manually. In addition, PotPlayer also supports Digital TV, Webcam, Analog, DXVA and online streaming devices, etc.

The latest PotPlayer features a beautiful interface. This free media player can play most media files without the need for additional codecs, supports OpenCodec, and of course, you can also automatically install external codec packs. It is a simple and easy to use music and entertainment program compared to many other open-source projects.

The main feature of PotPlayer

  • Enhanced H / w-Acceleration: Provides maximum performance with minimal system material consumption thanks to the use of DXVA, CUDA, QuickSync.
  • Best video experience with 3D mode: Supporting a variety of 3D glasses so you get exciting 3D experiences whenever you want using 3DTV or computer.
  • Supports many different output formats (Side by Side, Top and Bottom, Page Flipping).
  • Supports a variety of subtitle formats: Text subtitles (SMI & SRT), DVD (Vobsub), Blu-ray subtitles, ASS / SSA dynamic subtitles, SMI Ruby tags, etc.
  • Multiple codecs, easy to manage: No need to install different codecs to view desired multimedia files. However, PotPlayer supports OpenCodec, so if you feel you can still add any codecs easily.
  •  Watch videos smoothly, seamlessly.
  • Preview scenes in video with photos.
  • Bookmark a favorite scene or chapter.
  • Supports Direct3D9 Ex Flip Mode and Overlay
  • Support many different devices such as DVD, TV, HDTV

The installation of PotPlayer involves many steps but takes very little of your time. These codecs are only installed if they are not found on the computer and do not need your permission.


The interface of PotPlayer is quite beautiful, the elements are minimized, giving you a large space to experience your favorite movies. Basic management tools like playback options, volume adjustment, and preview are all available. Playlists can be turned on or off like Cpanels, they are attached to the main window and can be moved around the computer as a group.

You will be very pleased when you can open almost any multimedia file format from AVI, WMV, MP4, 3GP, FLV, MKV, MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, APE. The list of supported formats is actually much larger than some of the names mentioned above. The program provides a lot of information about that audio file such as bit rate, file type, and the number of channels. Like other players, PotPlayer PC also has many audio settings available for the equalizer and they all work quite well.

Especially, in the Program tab of PotPlayer you can find a list of many videos available for Viki and Dailymotion, click on any video to be able to watch immediately, of course, your computer needs a network connection.

On the other hand, PotPlayer supports subtitles in files such as .ass and .srt and will run subtitles if they are located in the same directory as the video file. The settings needed to customize PotPlayer are also available for you to feel more comfortable using the software.

Features of the latest version of PotPlayer

  • Added support for 3D videos.
  • Add support for touch features.
  • Add conversion function to the integrated audio processing filter.
  • Fixed a bug when the popup menu was stopped by a problem identifying the CD.
  • Fixed an issue where the recording function does not work when the video or audio codec is set to none.
  • Fix some errors when expanding the video or change the aspect ratio during the video play.
  • Improve the conditions of using DXVA.
  • Fix the bug when the broadcast archive function is not working.
  • Correct PNG recording errors.
  • Fix errors when viewing logos in some environments.
  • Added ability to set OSD short information content (F5> General> OSD).
  • Added ability to add subtitle folder with corresponding path.
  • Advanced AVCHD playback function.
  • Fix search for some MKV files.
  • Add auto pause and resume function to save CPU usage when minimized.
  • Enhance processing of preferred language (subtitles / audio).
  • Fix OGM file playback error.
  • Fix wrong identification of some subtitles.
  • Fix screen hanging error when encoding WMV2 file.
  • Fix the thumbnail preview function not working when playing a DVD.
  • Added option to integrated split settings to use quick search on VBR encrypted files.
  • Fixed a bug where the screen turned black when playing certain DVD titles.
  • Fix the error using the audio input of the 2nd device.
  • Added ability to skip chapters / bookmarks.
  • Add the ability to sleep mode instead of turning off the computer.

Global Potplayer’s direct competitors are VLC Media Player, KMPlayer, SMPlayer or Media Player Classic. The advantage of PotPlayer is that there are many settings and highly customizable. The player has a small size, supports many formats, so it is suitable for users who do not have much IT knowledge. However, because of the many features and options, Potplayer’s menu is a bit confusing.

Potplayer Full contains many shortcuts and hotkeys to manipulate music, watch movies, etc conveniently. You can choose options like File Associations, Visualizations, Shortcuts and Subtitle Formats to customize your Potplayer media player. Besides, Potplayer also installed many codec packs while setting up the software.

All in all, PotPlayer is an indispensable application if you like listening to music and watching movies. Et try now

Download Potplayer: