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When it comes to the best Remote PC software available in the market, Remote PC should be on the list. With its affordable prices, features facilitating business and high security, Remote PC is such a good Remote PC software you are looking for. However, is it 100% right for your business? Here is a review about Remote PC.

Different plans and prices

There are 4 plans available for you to choose, including the Consumer, SOHO, Team and Enterprise plans. With the Consumer Remote PC plan, you have one user license with access to two computers and at the price of $29.50 per year. For the SOHO plan, the number of computer accessing is 10 computers and at the price of $69.5 per year. The Team and Enterprise Remote PC plans, with a 30-day-free trial, starts at $249.5 per year, enabling access to 50 computers and starts at $499.5, enabling access to 100 computers, respectively.

Remote PC
Remote PC


Remote PC can run on every device you have, whether it is Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. This means that all of your company’s hardware is covered. The collaborations allow you to send one-time access invites to your colleagues while the built-in chat and whiteboard are available to speed up meetings.  If you need to edit projects together, the Remote PC’s unlimited concurrent connections can help.

However, there is no built-in audio and video chat available for Remote PC plans, except for Enterprise clients. Instead, you can use voice chat feature that has been updated to collaborate with colleagues more conveniently than on-screen chat.

You have access to all files and programs despite physical location. You can organize things with multi-to-single or multi-to-multi monitor support, get access to file monitoring system to share files between host and clients computers or print documents directly from the host computers.

Set up

Setting up Remote PC for all devices in your business could be time-consuming. There are some advanced features offered by Remote PC to facilitate this process. For instance, you can enter a comma-delimited email address to invite multiple users. For the enterprise plan, creating user groups with permissions is allowed. When you need to switch to a higher plan, every user has to reinstall the software but the user profiles and user groups are kept unaffected.

download Remote PC
download Remote PC


TLS v 1.2/AES-256 encryption, firewall and proxy servers are available to ensure the security factor when working with Remote PC. The access to each client device is protected by a Personal Key, strengthening the security of the host device. This Personal Key can be changed or revoked. When you have done a working session, you can lock the host automatically.

Two-step verification can be set up by IT managers so to provide additional security when setting up multiple users in Remote PC. Automatic screen recording is accessible, allowing users to record sessions, logs of events and activities for later review.

Interface and performance

The interface of Remote PC is user-friendly. The web app, however, is a little bit limited. Therefore, you might need desktop apps to transfer documents, record sound and working session as well as print needed documents. You can get access to all the tools from the Utilities menu at the top, thus, working is much easier. Resizing the screen in desktop, web and iOS is good because you will have the sharp and clear text and images. The experience using Remote PC with an iPad is not as good as other devices. Sometimes, texts are highlighted and files are dragged without your intention.

In general, the performance of Remote PC is great that little complaints are found. The first installation is easy for multiple devices. The interface is modern and easy to use, although there are still troubles working with mobile devices. Remote PC is such a good remote desktop software that businesses should use.

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