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UC Browser is a crucial product of UCWeb company of Alibaba Group (China). According to the latest StatCounter report, this application had marked a point when it became the world’s second most popular mobile browser with more than 500 million users. So what is UC Browser that attracts so many users? Continue to scroll down to read more details about this application.

The outstanding features of UC Browser app

UC Browser
UC Browser

Here are a bunch of features that make users choose to download UC Browser apk.

Download Manager

It’s hard to deny that UC Browser has an advanced integrated download manager. You can set the maximum number of simultaneous downloads (from 1-6), specify which folders to store and choose whether they want to be prompted before starting the download. You can choose to enable or disable download update notifications and also enable or disable automatic reconnection in case the file download fails.

The UC Browser download manager will give you a quick look at the amount of free space on your device. The list still has the files that are even being downloaded and the files that have been downloaded. Moreover, this application also has a video manager that allows you to download and save videos to your phone for later viewing even when you’re offline. Finally, there is a neat file manager built into the download manager feature that helps to separate your downloads based on file types neatly.

Cloud technology

Cloud computing technology uses UCWeb servers to provide much faster download times for users. Users can choose to enable it for both mobile devices or on the PC’s website or both and even decide to turn them off. In many people’s experience, the advantages of cloud enhancement are most visible on mobile networks. This effect is also available on Wi-Fi but not as prominent as on mobile data. However, it will be more effective if your Wi-Fi network is too slow, but if it is fast, you have won many opportunities to speed up.

In-App Widgets 

UC Browser on App store
UC Browser on App store

It is flawed without mentioning this outstanding feature of UC Browser. This browser allows users to access content on a new customized homepage with a feature called a tag. Understandably, it can display widgets on its main screen. The gadgets in this app are also known as tags and can be arranged manually according to your liking. You can only activate the ones you like and also customize them to your liking.

So if you just want to read the titles, you really need to open any page or even go to that particular site to check. This benefit will save you a lot of time as well as data. Users can also reorder tags in the order they choose.

Night Mode

Night mode basically changes the entire look of the browser to make it easier to see at night. This benefit makes your eyes less tired when looking at the screen. If you are a nighttime reader on a bed with lights off, this will definitely make your eyes feel more comfortable. It changes black icons on a white background to a gray icon on a black background that reduces the amount of hard light hitting your eyes.

Quick Access

Perhaps the most remarkable feature of this app is quick access. Quick access allows you to have a continuous search bar as well as a quick shortcut to the Facebook newsfeed, messages, notifications, and an alternative to writing a new status. Of course, Facebook integration will require you to log into your account using a browser, but of course, it helps things much faster. Even the search becomes much easier when you drag down the notification bar and enter. That’s what you can do, no matter what application you’re using.


UC Browser supports many different actions to make browsing faster and easier. It also allows use with one hand, especially on larger devices like tablets. Users can swipe right to go backward or swipe left to continue. Similarly, the video supports gestures as seen in most media players. You can swipe left or right to find backward or forwards in the video. You can swipe up or down on the left or right to increase or decrease the brightness and volume accordingly.


UC Browser for Android
UC Browser for Android

As we all know, most browsers don’t have much to be proud of. However, UC Browser has an extensive library of topics that you can choose. By default, you get two issues, but there are more online topics that you can choose to download and use. Moreover, you can also change the background color and text color separately. If you are not satisfied with the selection of themes available on the store, you can create your own custom one using any image on your device.

Web browser speed

UC Browser is commented to be a pretty quick browser on Windows and Mac, although it certainly does not win the crown from faster browsers. UC Browser achieves its speed increase through data compression on the server-side to compress data before sending it to users. UC Browser also downloads continually used websites ahead of time, in whole or in part and in combination with data condensation, which reduces the amount of data transferred to the web browser. Thanks to that, the download speed of this application is much faster.

In conclusion

Each browser has its own pros and cons. Choosing to use is your decision. After reading this article, I believe UC Browser must be an impressive name for you to opt for internet access with many of its outstanding features.

Well, so I have finished introducing you to one of the best browser applications available today. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know by commenting below. Thanks for reading.

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